By Dylan M is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism, and takes regular action towards these efforts. Here’s what that actually looks like:

Representation without Profit: Characters in my illustration work will represent a wide array of skin tones, body types, and hair textures, however, royalties and sales made from artwork representing races other than my own will be donated to a relevant group working to support the given race

Internet and Tech Access for All: I provide online courses for creatives all over, and therefore internet access is a crucial resource for students to be successful and to access the vast information the internet provides (not to mention any required technology and/or learning aids). Continuing indefinitely, a monthly contribution will be made to groups like EveryoneOn to support the connection of low-income families to the technology they need to thrive.

Dollar Direction: Where dollars are spent and not spent have a huge impact in our communities. By Dylan M is committed to:
    * Donating to groups that benefit BIPOC communities
    * No longer patronizing large and small corporations who support practices, legislation, and political leaders that work against the BIPOC community, and avoiding businesses tied to dangerous super PACs
    * Directing dollars where possible to BIPOC-owned businesses (Eventually I’d like to assign a number to this, say 30% of the business overhead budget, but for now my low overhead requires more creative approaches)
    * As a business, and as a private citizen, donating money to activists and causes that further the anti-Racism movement, and equity of all American minorities.

Platform as promotion for others: Whether through mentioning the names of BIPOC artists whose work I love to clients I’m working with, or sharing their work and mission with my Instagram audience, I’m able to use my stage for others to stand in the spotlight. It’s important that these promotions are genuine, and not merely because of the person’s identification with the BIPOC community, but as a celebration of their craft AND their unique position within their culture. 

Sliding Scale for Coaching Services: A sliding scale is available for individuals who are seeking creative coaching but have a financial situation that requires assistance. 

Ongoing Education: Through books, courses, and podcasts, By Dylan M is continually expanding the understanding, naming, and breaking down of white supremacy, and fairly compensates the relevant teachers and activists who provide anti-racism education and experiences (including those who share on Instagram. Their work should never be free).