“Welcome all to come in, they will absorb an atmosphere”

Dylan Mierzwinski is an artist and educator living in Phoenix, Arizona. In her time as a professional illustrator she's gotten to work with clients like Anthropologie, Magnolia, Martha Stewart, American Greetings, and many more. With over 150k students in her 20+ classes and 250+ artists in her inviting Patreon group, she's cemented herself in the creative world as a warm and helpful champion of fellow artists. Her mission and goal is filled sketchbooks for every person. Outside of her career, Dylan enjoys reading mysteries, petting her dog, binging tv with her husband, and the smell and sound of garlic sautéing in butter. Her favorite color is periwinkle, especially in the sky.

By Dylan M is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism, and takes regular action towards these efforts. Here’s what that actually looks like