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I once told my friend on the phone:

 “I can’t imagine not being an artist...and I also can’t imagine being an artist without sharing what I’ve learned with others.”

There are two parts to my business: making art and encouraging fellow artists to do their thing. 



I have 19 creative courses that have helped 128 thousand fellow artists fill their sketchbooks, create repeating patterns, paint with gouache, send work to the printer, and more!

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Articles rich in tips, encouragement, tutorials, and resources.

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They say I write a
mean caption.

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The lessons are absolutely full of useful techniques, tips, and options. I've loved every minute of it and I'm really excited about using these
skills again and again!



sewing fundamentals:
your first zippered project made easy

- Beginner Level -

Perfectly taught class. Loved her humor. Made it easier to take on the project. I’m a novice at sewing and Dylan made it fun to follow.


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illustrated journaling ii:
14 more days of prompts

- All Levels -

These prompts are designed to get us motivated and to make a daily illustration practice feel less daunting- which is exactly what the class
did for me!

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skillshare: my favorite place to learn and teach

When you join Skillshare you gain access to thousands of classes (mine included!) to help you hone your hobby, up-skill your creative career, and connect with fellow artists all over the world.

Student for 10+ years // Top Teacher for 6+ years

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postcards from here:
playing with ink

- All Levels -

I had so much fun with every step of this project; from making an inspiration board to making the final artwork. I love how Dylan has broken down the whole process going from initial concept to final creation, mistakes and re-dos and all.


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still lifes are cool!
contemporary + TRADITIONAL  art in acryla gouache

- All Levels -

I absolutely loved this class. I came in with almost no idea how to approach gouache and painting in general, but by the end of the class I felt like I can finally stop being afraid to use up my gouache.

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Digitizing your paint:
adjusting art in photoshop

- Intermediate Level -

Fab class, thank you so much Dylan for taking the time to explain and show all the helpful tips and repeat them. You blew my mind a bit but all in a good way and I am eager to start practising! I finally understood correctly about the masks!!!! THANK YOU! 


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getting to know
your paint

- Beginner Level -

The best class I've taken on SkillShare so far! Dylan is a patient and realistic instructor. Not only does she paint beautifully, but she is inspirational and helpful for beginners. I love that she is natural and makes mistakes like the rest of us.


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illustrated journaling:
14 days of prompts

- All Levels -

I reaaaally enjoyed this class! It was relaxing and fun but at the same time made me feel so connected with myself and my art. Totally recommended for cultivating a sketchbook and a journaling habit. 10/10


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building awesome pattern
tiles in adobe photoshop

- Intermediate Level -

I absolutely love how Dylan explains her process as she goes through the building of the patterns and why she moves the assets into a pleasing aesthetic piece. I learnt an absolute bucket load of new information in this class, fabulous thank you, Dylan. 


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HOliday gifting:
hand-painted ornaments

- All Levels -

I LOVED this class Dylan! Thank you for all the how to information and demonstrations. Now I can’t seem to stop painting ornaments!


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Leveling Up Your Art Game:
The Elements & Principles
of Design

- All Levels -

A really helpful basics class that doesn't just describe the elements and principles, but how to utilize and look for them in yours and others' art. A great tool for "realigning" techniques for how you approach creating art.

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illustration practice:
lettering + florals with
adobe fresco

- All Levels -

It was my first time working with Fresco and I found it encouraging and exciting! I am happy with my project and I gained a lot of new skills and understanding of the software. Thank you!


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Illustrating Flowers & Arranging Bouquets in Photoshop

- Intermediate Level -

I absolutely loved this class. I never thought I could draw and create a beautiful bouquet like I did. I've learned a lot about the process and am inspired to make more


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digitizing hand drawn
sketches with character

- Intermediate Level -

Such an amazing class! This workflow is so much quicker and easier to do, I wish I had discovered this class earlier and I didn't waste so much time with the wand tool xD


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watch me work:
real client projects

- Intermediate Level -

WOW! I feel like a very talented and successful friend has chosen to give me many unexpected + thoughtful gifts with unfolding levels of usefulness, aspiration, and longevity. You did something so unique and original with this class, Dylan, and it I feel like it's from a place of kindness. Thank you for your generosity.

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