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Ashley’s Custom Day Bag

August 26, 2017

Remember my friends with the most awesome, badass last name of all time, the Falconberrys? You may remember the crest I made for them as a wedding gift. Well, Lady Falconberry came to me months ago asking for a custom day bag.

My Day Bags are made from the Alicia Bag pattern from iThinkSew; I shorten it two inches, raise point “A” 1/2 an inch, lengthen the leather handles by an inch, and add a zipper pocket to the exterior. The best part about this bag is it’s so versatile. It looks boho happy with just a few items, and has a nice shape for when you need to carry more.

The bag also features an interior zippered pocket (zippers and pulls from here) and a magnetic snap closure (here). I’ve made this style of bag with canvas as the exterior which required no interfacing, and have also used Pellon SF-101 to stabilize a quilting cotton for the exterior (boho to the max), but this time I used Pellon Fusible Fleece to give the bag more shape and body. Also, the color of this interior fabric is the most glorious chartreuse/green/yellow color that’s super hard to get right in photos, but it’s seriously the perfect pair for the richly colored exterior (exterior fabric here, interior here).

My pride and joy moment in this bag though is the stitching on the faux leather zipper facing. I finally bought myself a Teflon foot (here) to see if it made a difference, and BOY DID IT. Thanks to the luxuriousness of the heavy thread and smooth sailing with the Teflon foot, I was able to kill it on those stitches around the curve. I wish I could run my hand over the picture and feel those pretty little stitches again.

I wish photos could better convey the versatility of this bag, but some things just need to be experienced I guess 🙂

Ashley called me this morning to tell me that she loved the bag, and her husband said that she was so excited just to see the package that she had to take 20 minutes to calm down before even opening it. That’s the cutest and best compliment ever. So happy you love it, Ashley, it’s SO you. <3

Do you have any go-to bag patterns that you love making? Or even non-bag patterns? SHARE FRIEND! Also, you can order your own custom bag here!


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  1. awesome bag design….