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Summer Traveling: Weekend Bags!

August 19, 2016

My summer has been PACKED, man! Well, packed for me…the introvert that thinks being home is as good as it gets. Even so, I was tired of using my backpack for my short-term suitcase, and I’m sure BC wouldn’t mind getting to use the full real estate of his duffle bag when we go on trips together. Alas, it was time to make myself a weekend bag.

Mixing florals

Mixing florals

I’m a gift-giver at heart, so I truly love making things for other people. However, there is just such freedom when I make something for myself. That judgmental voice of perfectionism seems to fall away and I just…create! When I got my weekly email from iThinkSew about their new patterns and saw this weekender, I was sold. I pulled two floral prints from my stash: the exterior is from the “Glorious Garden” line by April Cornell for Free Sprit entitled “Butterfly.” The interior is from the “Sketchbook” line by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics entitled “Botanical Innocence.”

One side finished

One side finished

I was super pleased upon pattern review to realize that it’s essentially like constructing one of my makeup pouches, but on a larger scale and with a different bottom. It was so enjoyable to put together. I used Pellon Fusible Fleece as the interfacing and I find that it makes the fabric so dreamy to touch and sew with. It really does add the body I want without the fuss of sewing with something like ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable (which I still use when the occasion calls for it). I will admit though that I have yet to do a washing test to see how the fusible holds up..????

Before the bottom is attached

When I make zipper pouches I like to box the bottoms to give them the ability to stand; this pattern uses a separate bottom piece that gets sewn on last.

attaching the bottom

This pattern really isn’t difficult to follow, but if I HAD to pick a hard part, or maybe just my least favorite part, it’s sewing on the rounded bottom. Managing all the bulk of the bag that you aren’t sewing can be intimidating, especially on top of paying attention to the seams you’re actually stitching.

Sewing on the binding to the weekend bagSewing on the binding to the weekend bag

Luckily my least favorite part is followed by one I find really satisfying: sewing on the binding and finishing those raw inside edges. Going back around those rounded corners and managing the bulk is so much easier once the seams have been sewn once. And even better is this is the last part! So we end on a good construction note 🙂 ????

Finished Weekend Bag!

I’ve already gotten to use it twice and she’s been the perfect size and shape. Let’s get to the gratuitous pictures already!

Inside the weekend bag

Inside the weekend bag


Really Cool mirror shot to show the size :)

Really Cool mirror shot to show the size 🙂

It didn’t take me long to switch back into gift mode, though. My best friend Sarah’s birthday was coming up so I immediately got to work on one for her. My girl loves orange and recently told me she’s smitten with floral prints (aren’t we all?), so I chose a daisy print that has a 70s vibe to it.

another weekend bag version

Sarah’s Weekend Bag


I paired a subtle gray print for the interior to balance the bright orange floral. Guys, it was so cute. ????



I super love this bag style, and I’m thinking they photograph so much more easily than the slouchy day bag that I love, so maybe these will make it to my Etsy shop first. But before I do that I’ve got an order for one that needs to ship out Monday! Time to get to work!

Love, Dylan


P.s. Please forgive my late post; yesterday was my oldest sister’s wedding, so I was a little busy ???? It was a sweet and modest ceremony full of a lot of love (they both cried…after 14 years of dating!) Congratulations to the newly weds, may your roots be forever entwined.

Alexis Wedding

Left to right: Beautiful Rebecca (papa’s lady), Beautiful me,  Beautiful Alexis,  Beautiful papa

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