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My Love Must Be A Kind of Blind Love

September 3, 2015

Because I can’t see anything but sewing right now…which is why this blog has been sitting abandoned it has been so long since I’ve written. It’s a reason, but not an excuse. If I had been willing to admit to myself a little earlier that I needed to loosen my perfectionism screw and remember why I wanted to write a blog (uh…to enjoy it) then perhaps it would have been a shorter absence. BC had to remind me of the very same thing in regards to sewing today. How, might you ask, could a person saying they’re blindly in love with sewing need to be reminded of their enjoyment for it?

Because I’m deciding to take my hobby to a new level and leave my comfort zone: In two short months I’ll be selling my home-sewn goodies at my very first craft show! It’s a small, holiday craft show that happens every year in my town, so it should be a good place to start. The table rental is a steal, and for a girl with a lot of inherited fabric and one hell of a hankering to turn it into bags and quilts, there isn’t a lot to lose. I can’t expect this whole thing to be anxiety free, but BC’s right, why squander the fun? The thrill? The happiness? That’s right, there’s no good reason for that.

So let me show you what all the fuss and neglect is about! 🙂


I’ve been buying fabric since I really started sewing in May. Yards here and there of prints that needed to be added to the Dylan family, combined with a trunk load of fabric from my Grandma (you’re welcome for cleaning out your closets!). And guys, I am just smitten. SMITTEN I tell you. My pal Amazon delivered some chipboard that I ordered to wrap my treasures around, sort of as mini bolts, so now I can just sit and drool without having to worry about ruining the carefully stacked pile.


These are a few of my favorites. The top is a flannel that came from Gma, and the bottom three I’ve picked up from different fabric shops. The fabric on the bottom with the Russian dolls was bought for a very specific project that I can’t wait to tackle and then share with you.

But my very favorite print you ask? I do have one. What I don’t have is a logical explanation for what it is that has my heart so cuckoo over this pattern. But boy, it really has a hold on me 🙂


If you’re asking yourself “are those pink coyotes, green rabbits, and gold cacti?” then, well, yeah, that’s what it is. This is Alexia Abegg’s “Spirit Animal in Snow” from her Mesa collection with Cotton + Steel. There was only a yard and a half left when I bought it, so I’ll hold onto it until something feels right. Although I already have some ideas rolling around…

So forgive me for my absence and inconsistency, now everyone get over it and let’s get ready for lots of sewing talk! I’ll be releasing my very own first pattern into the wild within the coming months, as well as sewing up lots of inventory and Christmas presents; I’ll need a friend to gab and vent to, as well as someone to share the cool ideas with. And just to tease a bit, here’s a peak at some of my prototypes.

bagssignoff Until next time
(P.S. I welcome (nice, kind, sweet, gentle, funny) punctuation advice)

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