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November 4, 2016

It’s boring to listen to people talk about how busy they are, so I’ll keep it brief: I’m very busy with a project at work right now. As in, working before work, during work, and after work, and thinking about it while falling asleep. So my sewing adventures have been non-existent. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been dreaming up my next projects. So in the meantime, take a look at my newest sewing room friends. And since I so appreciate when makers share their sources, I’ve made sure to link to where I got everything from.

Fabric for a Custom Duffle Bag -ByDylanM

First up is a batch of fabrics for a custom duffle bag (you can see a completed one here) for my best friend’s mom for Christmas (ordered by her daughter Sarah). Sarah, bless her, chose the external fabric on the first round of options, and said the magic words “I trust you to pick the rest.” Our final picks were:

Gold Hardware for Handmade Bags -ByDylanM


I would not be surprised to dig into my psyche to find that a big part of why I love making bags is dealing with the hardware. Everything pictured above is for upcoming projects. Starting at the top:

Rivet Setter and Teflon Non Stick Presser Foot -ByDylanM

In addition to the hardware I also brought some new tools into the sewing mix. I’ve been putting off purchasing grommet and rivet setting tools for fear of investing in the wrong size. I finally bit the bullet and ordered both (the rivets and rivet setting tools won’t be here until tomorrow). Here’s more on what I got:

  • Bernina Zigzag foot with Non Stick Sole #52d; Although my Bernina has amazing dual-feed action, any amount of friction I can lessen between the faux leather and the machine is helpful. Ask your local Bernina dealer if they carry this foot if you’re sewing with faux leather regularly.  I purchased mine at Ann Arbor Sewing Center (for around $65), naturally they’ll be having a sale on presser feet soon…after I bought mine…????????
  • 3/16″ Brass Grommets and Washers; These are for a casual backpack pattern I’ll be trying out soon!
  • Screw top die holder with 3/16″ hole punch attachment
  • Grommet Setter

Flannel and Ribbon from Purl Soho

I stumbled onto a most beautiful site called Purl Soho recently, and drooled all over the place. Although it was tempting to purchase every color of their linen fabric (don’t worry, I’ll be back), I checked out with a flannel I couldn’t get over and some metallic ribbons that were on sale:

Stashing Rifle Paper Co's Les Fleur Fabrics -ByDylanM

Now, I go against the grain a bit in the sewing world: I’m not a traditional fabric stasher. I try very hard to refrain from buying fabric just because I love it (I would drown in fabric if that were the case). Instead I only purchase fabrics that I’ll either use in a current project or can without a doubt foresee the project it will be used for.

But sometimes. SOMETIMES. There are prints that call to me, over and over again. And although I can’t totally narrow down what I’ll use them for, the stars align and I end up…stashing them. In the case of the rest of the post, I had been coveting these prints for awhile, and finally, general clearances and end of bolt sales started and I felt it was time to finally grab them. And I think that’s why I like my ‘no stash’ rule, because when I inevitably break the rule, it’s for simply and utterly amazing fabric.

New Stash Fabrics -ByDylanM

And finally these guys. The rose print at the top takes the award for longest time between setting eyes on it, falling in love with it, and purchasing. It had been so long that I just figured it would have been sold out, and then I found it on sale. Hello! And I know the skulls were used in Katie’s Custom Tote, but I bought extra for myself. Because..I mean have you seen it?

So there you have it. Although I would love to have more time and energy to sew right now, I’ll accept the fate of being surrounded by beautiful materials.

Love, Dylan

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  1. Dylan, I love your fabric choices…. what an inspiration. Your post was like getting a peek into a fabric store and dreaming of what to create next. I have saved this to my Fabric Pinterest board:

    • Dylan says:

      Ana, thank you so much for your comment. I too get a lot of inspiration when looking at other people’s materials and works-in-progress. ❤️