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Learning How to Take a Photo

May 20, 2016

Videography and photography are mighty similar; they often use the same tools and principals, and yet any photographer or videographer will tell you that one does not necessarily mean the other. I was taught videography, and during our short stint with owning a small digital media company, BC and I were able to make some really great video projects. Despite being able to get a great rack focus shot, I really wasn’t able to take a decent picture…even with the exact same camera. I’ve circled back to the information over the years since (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, blah blah), but it never seemed to gel. Until it did.

Flowers in the Backyard

Flowers in the Backyard

One of the cool things about getting ready to sell my bags is going through all the processes within the main process. I can’t just make the bags and call it a day; they need to be photographed, descriptions and policies need to be written, packaging needs to be purchased, care labels need to be printed, etc. And so it has been a fun little journey of figuring out how the hell to do all of that. Right now I’m on the ‘bag photography’ item, and came across this class from Jeanne Oliver’s network. Finally, someone was able to find the fine line between using everyday language and the correct vocabulary to explain a complex relationship between the vehicles of a great photo. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt the feeling of learning the same thing over and over and yet not totally getting it, then finally having it click! I’m feeling fairly triumphant. This is the same camera and lens I’ve had for five years, and it’s like I finally understand how to use it to take a photo.

Lilac Love

Lilac Love

And beyond just the great feeling of finally having something sink in, is this sense of “I’m meant to be here now.” I was meant to gather that information over the years so that right now, in the midst of trying to share my little bags of love, I could draw on it to eventually take kick ass photos of them. But for now, flowers.

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