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Prints By Dylan M Available Now

November 18, 2017

Let me start by yelling ‘I KNOW IT’S BEEN ALMOST THREE WEEKS SINCE QUILT MARKET AND I HAVEN’T SAID A DAMN THING!” I owe you all an update (hint, it’s a goooood update), but in the meantime, I have something else for you. For months people have been asking where they can buy a piece of my work, and to them I’ve been saying “thank you and nowhere,” but that nowhere is now a somewhere!

Just in time for the people that are not prepared for the holidays, all my most loved florals are available for purchase as prints and framed prints in my Society 6 shop. I’ve been debating for awhile whether to print on my own and handle shipping/packaging/etc. or to use a company like Society6 that does the heavy lifting. The decision was made when my first test prints arrived from S6; I was floored by the stock and ink quality, the vibrancy of the colors (crazy color gamut), and just how velvety smooth the matte finish was. Plus, this means I can be part of the holiday festivities this year!

My favorite part of looking at all of my work together was seeing that although the same hand inked all of them, there’s something for every type of flower lover out there (and on your gift list):

For the bold, and/or those whose homes are grown af

If you or your friends have a mantel, foyer, drink cart, or reading nook, your home is fancy enough to fill it with bold and dramatic florals.

For new mommas

If you or your best girl are in a nesting frenzy waiting for your tiny one to arrive, one of the softer prints might suit that sweet little nursery perfectly.

For the Dramatic

We all have that friend that brings the drama; not the ‘he-said-she-said’ Taylor Swift-grade drama (love you TS<3 We know the drama loves you), but the stylistic drama that lends mystery to our smoldering gal pal. Signs that your friend is the dramatic one: she wears bold colors of matte lipstick like it’s no one’s business, she goes through phases with bangs, her brows are on point, she probably wore a shirt with bell sleeves right before the trend caught on, and/or her tattoos are works of art.

For the lovers of everything retro

Owners of vintage Pyrex, wearers of clothes from a time past, collectors of tins, tapestries, and novelty tea kettles will all enjoy my retro, bold, and fun style.

It’s humbling and exciting to see these pieces, that started as a side project for a girl in a rut, move into a place that can warm and add style to your most precious space: your home.

Quilt Market recap coming soon <3

Love and creativity,


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  1. Emily Snyder says:

    Dylan, these are so so beautiful! Love your style so much, especially the flower designs.

  2. Madeline says:

    Hi Dylan,
    A bit random- and about 2 1/2 years late- but do still sell these prints anywhere?
    Absolutely love these designs.

    • Dylan says:

      Hey Madeline!
      Sorry girl, you missed the boat on these. They were available until last fall. I’ve since added new and different artwork to my Society6 shop ( , but these ones shown here are now exclusively for licensing and commercial clients.