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An Announcement, a Free Goodie, and a Favor

October 6, 2017

I know I’m a long-winded kind of lady but let’s cut right to what I’ve got for you:

  1. An announcement: I’M GOING TO QUILT MARKET
  2. A Free Goodie: Two wallpapers for you to download to dress up that lovely (and VERY organized, right?) desktop of yours.

No. 1 Con’t: Quilt Market

I haven’t been telling many people, maybe out of superstition? I’m not sure, but a little less than four short months ago I was dared (DARED! In actual adult life) by someone already succeeding in the industry that if I went to quilt market, I’d leave with a contract. That is SOME confidence, and super bold, and it made my stomach drop and I felt nowhere ready…but beneath all of that noise was this stirring of excitement. This “What the hell! Why not!” part of me that doesn’t rear her head that often. I looked into the costs and decided it wasn’t that crazy to take a chance and go. The very WORST case scenario is: the people I meet with dislike my portfolio so much that they vomit on it. That’s not ideal, but if a gross ‘no’ is the worst I can run into, then why not just try? Why not just push it and develop two full collections and tweak a third and design a book and get it printed and set up appointments and go full speed at my dream? Are you sweating like I am?

Well that’s what I decided to do, and now that it’s October it’s starting to feel real. So far I have two appointments set up and am hoping to secure a third, have developed those two new collections, but am still scrambling to get everything ready in time. I know I can come out of there with a big fat no, but I’m just going to go in believing in my work, vision, and style, and gun for a big, happy yes.

Here’s where the favor comes in: I need some good vibes ya’ll! I need your best quotes, pump-up jams, knock-knock jokes, and styling advice while traveling in order to put my best foot forward. Could you do that for me? <3

No. 2 Con’t: Free Downloads

One of my collections is based on Polish culture (Side: Can I just say that I’ve had notes for a Polish collection and a circus collection for months…and then Spoonflower did challenges on both themes. Can I get an “UGH!” please? I seriously feel like I start to find my stride and my voice, only to turn around and see 20,000 people also finding that place. Lesson: move forward anyway, nothing is new.) and one of the patterns is “Rouge Fields” (working title), which features bright red and delicate painted flowers on a cream ground. Some of you may have seen me post it on my Instagram this week, and if you loved it like other people, now you can have it!

I’m providing two wallpapers, one with the October calendar on it and the other without. I sized them to 2880×1880 because that’s what my screen dimensions are, but if you guys know of a more common standard or need something else, just let your girl know.

That’s all I have for now! If you follow me on Instagram you know I launched Skillshare class no. 6, but what you may not know is no. 7 is right around the corner! I’ll be showing you my workflow for arranging digital flower bouquets, so it’ll be a nice change of pace from my info-and-lecture-heavy class on sending work to the printer.

Thanks for your support, this is really when I need my community more than ever.


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  1. Melanie says:

    Yayaya! You will DEFINITELY make some amazing connections, and I would be shocked if you don’t have a contract (not to jinx ya)! I’ve got a couple weddings and baby showers coming up; it’d be so cool to make a quilt with your beautiful florals on them. Good luck, girl!!

  2. Colleen Tracey says:

    So pretty! Love the new desktop calendar. Best of luck at the quilt market — chin up and be confident in your own bad-assery.

  3. Katherine says:

    Oh, I am so excited for you, Dylan! Your art is amazing and I know those dreams are going to come true. Have a great time at QuiltCon!

  4. Josie Adams says:

    Hi Dylan! I can’t wait to hear how quilt market is going for you! I just finished up one of your Skillshare classes and am excited to start the next one. It is sort of amazing how much comes to mind when you learn a new skill. Photoshop is super new for me. I feel comfortable in Illustrator, but I love how you combine them to create something unique. How did you go about getting meetings set up for quilt market? So exciting! Congrats!

    • Dylan says:

      Josie!! It really is amazing how the floodgates open up when you learn something new. I hope you enjoy my courses and reach out with any questions you have. You’ve been patiently waiting for my answer about setting up appointments, and I promise I’m finally getting around to it! <3