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15-Minute DIY Fall Wreath

September 30, 2016

Fall is here. I know it because we’re officially sleeping without a fan on us, and Brooks has uttered the words “I’m Cold.” (Hey that’s my line, BC!) And like the rest of the crafty hearts out there, mine has been drooling over pictures of wreaths and centerpieces and boots and vests. So I decided to make a wreath.

I do have a bit of a PSA first, because before this week I just sort of assumed wreath-making was out of my reach. I can’t come up with any rational reasons for why I would assume this, the materials are available at most craft stores, I’ve hot glued other things together, I like making things with my hands…but alas, I’ver overlooked the craft until now. So here’s the PSA: Wreath making is crazy easy for how beautiful they turn out, and totally not expensive, even for your first one! The form I bought was $3.99, all the flowers were on sale (plus coupons on top of that! Make sure you sign up for Joann’s coupons guys), and the clips and wire didn’t break the bank either.

Faux Flowers For Diy Fall Wreath

Start by dreaming in the flower section. Unlike most humans that look at a fall wreath and think “that’s a nice wreath,” there’s a 75% chance I look at it and get the ‘old fall wreath from the basement’ feeling. To combat this I kept my flowers simple and included white and a bright peach. The wooden-y (????) frame already says fall to me, so I kept it fresh with the flowers and colors.

Diy Fall Wreath Tools

Not pictured (but optional): glue gun

For tools, you can basically use anything that you think will help secure the flowers in the wreath. Mine were mostly secure simply by jamming them (artfully, of course) into the form. Next time I’ll monkey around less with the wire and rely on my glue gun for added security. The tools I used for this wreath are wire clippers, floral tape, and floral wire. (Not affiliate links)

Wiring Flowers Diy Fall Wreath

Wiring the flowers is simple enough: I folded mine in half and lined it up with the trimmed flower stem, then used floral tape to secure. The thinner floral wire is easier to weave through the basket wreath than the thick wired flower stems.

Taping Flowers Diy Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath

And seriously, that’s it. An original and beautiful fall wreath in 15 minutes (or longer, have fun with it!). There’s no other magic to it other than trial and error with placement. Not only that, but you can do anything you want! As long as you can wire it and/or adhere it somehow to the wreath then it’s game! I was tempted by feathers, and ribbons, and other sparkly stuff (LED lights!!), but decided to stick to simple for the first one. Let the gratuitous pictures of the flowers begin!

DIY Fall Wreath

Berries in a Diy Fall Wreath

Berries Close Up; DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath on Front Door

Hello wreath obsession. I can’t wait to make one for Halloween, then Christmas, then New Year, then…

Love, Dylan

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